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Countdown to Graduation…

My Diploma Application!Today I turned in my diploma application! I’m really excited. For once it seems like I am really going to graduate and it’s not some fantasy of mine. I will have three more classes to take during the summer: WWII in May, Logic & Critical Thinking in June & Studies in Film Genre in July. Then I’ll be a college grad. Very exciting.

In some ways this scares me. It means I have to start looking for a real job somewhere. I know I will be damn good in a position at a museum somewhere or with the Oklahoma Tourism Dept., but I’m not sure how to market myself. I guess I have a few months to figure that out.

I am glad the ice & snow is finally melting. I don’t like cold weather at all. Ashley and I had to brave the treacherous roads from Fletcher back to Stillwater on Sunday. Thankfully, we made it back safely. It was good to go home and see my folks.  As usual, Grandma sent back a bunch of frozen meat and other goodies to make sure her little boy doesn’t starve.

This week should be rather uneventful except I have to come up with an abstract for the research paper I have to write for “Arab Media & Popular Culture.” It’s not a fun class.

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Aunt Pearl Stevens

I talked to Grandma Swart last night. Her Aunt Pearl in California passed away yesterday. She was the last living aunt.

There are no more uncles.

There are no more parents.

There are no more sisters.

It must be so sad to grow old and watch your family all depart from this life. A couple of years ago Aunt Pearl handcopied some information out of a family history book for me. She hand-copied it because she was unable to leave her house to get it copied at Kinko’s or somewhere of the like. The information had been in a book that the family in Oklahoma hadn’t seen since the 1970s. I asked Grandma to contact Pearl about it. She had a copy.

The information was about a slave auction the Thomason family had held back in Georgia in about 1860. It was pretty interesting. I’m glad she sent it to me. I can’t remember any of the specific information. I’ll try to post it later.

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