A Trip to Cordell

08 May

My trip to the Washita County Courthouse in Cordell, Okla. yielded some fantastic results! I had been looking for the daughters of William Lewis Baker: Fanny and Sally. I knew that Aunt Mollie had married Luther Scott, and that Aunt Laura had married Robert Davis. However, I could not find who the other two girls had married.

Once I found out that W.L. had died near Rocky in 1914, I thought I might be able to find a record of the daughters under their married names in his probate records.


Included in his records was a complete list of heirs including Fanny Robinson of Rocky and Sally Miller of Chickasha. Also herein was his last will and testament which had been made in September 1913.

With his signature!

It seems that he left his first son, William Frank Baker, my great-great grandfather, 1/2 of the 320 acres of the farm 2 miles east of Rocky, Okla. The other 1/2 was to be sold along with his livestock and equipment, and the proceeds divided evenly between his second wife, Nancy, and the remaining children. It seems they each received a little over $200 each.

I also received a letter in the mail from the Cooke County, Texas Courthouse this week. It contained a copy of the 1879 marriage license for William Lewis and Martha Jane Ashby Baker.

On Sunday, May 4th, we traveled home to Fletcher to attend my great-grandmother’s 90th birthday party. On the table with the guest book was a recent photograph of her as well as a pencil drawing of her that had been done in the early 1940s. I’d never seen it before! I asked her if I could take it home to make a copy, and she said yes!

At the party, I was able to speak with my 1st cousins, twice removed, Wanda & Wynona, daughters of my great-great aunt Ellen. They are full of stories about the family, and it was nice to sit down and talk with them again and share my recent findings in the way of family history.

My great-grandmother was born in 1918. She was the second daughter to be born to William Frank & Effie Davis Baker. Their first daughter, Martha Ellen, was born in 1916. Apparently, they had an older brother born 1914-15. While Effie was giving birth, the doctor accidentally broke the baby’s neck.

The story I had heard from my great-grandmother was that the baby was buried on top of Grandpa Robert J. Davis in the Odessa Cemetery east of Rocky. But that couldn’t be possible because Grandpa Davis didn’t die until much later.

Cousin Wanda said that he was buried on top of a Will. She thought him to be a distant uncle. However, I don’t think she realized that Grandpa Baker’s name was actually WILLIAM Lewis. Since I know he died near Rocky in January of 1914, it is very possible that the unnamed Baker boy could have been buried on top of his Grandfather Will. Baker!

I wrote her a letter this week telling her of my thoughts on this.

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One response to “A Trip to Cordell

  1. Patrick Ashby

    August 10, 2008 at 10:52 pm

    I found this story very interesting. I am distant cousin to Martha Jane Ashby Baker and would be interested in any information about her you might have. I have been searching for information on where her father might be buried, Joshua W. Ashby. His wife Matilda Ashby is buried in the LoneStar Cemetery in Rocky Oklahoma and I have photos of her and her family. She received a homestead patent from President Roosevelt in 1903 and was a founder of Rocky. Her daughter,Nannie I. Ashby Means was A.C. Means wife who also lived in Rocky.
    Patrick Ashby
    Edmond, Oklahoma


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