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Long Lost Sisters

My great-great grandfather, Hinderikus Martens Swart, was born in Mark, Germany in 1848 to Marten Hinderks Swart and his wife, Hindertje van der Horst Swart.

Hindertje gave birth to three other children before dying of tuberculosis on her 25th birthday in 1851. Those children were: Wilhelm Hinderks Swart, Catharina van Heeren Swart, and Gepke Greitjedine Swart.

Wilhelm came to the United States in 1867. He was the first Swart to do so.

His father and her second wife, Addina Bronlewe Swart, and their children followed suit in 1872.

The other three children: Hinderikus, Catharina, and Gepkea stayed in Germany.

Hinderikus and his family would also come to America in 1894 & 1895.

I’d love to contact descendants of Catharina & Gepkea. Here is the information I have on them.

Catharina van Heeren Swart was born on October 12, 1846 in Mark, Germany. She married Gerhard Heinrich George Meyer on May 20, 1867 in Mitling, Germany. She died in Borgholzhausen, Germany in 1878.

Gepkea Greitjedine Swart was born on December 17, 1850 in Mark, Germany. She married Heinrich Friedrich Siegmann on January 12, 1872. Gepkea died in Borgholzhausen, Germany in 1875.

It’s possible that Gepkea died with no children, but she was married for 3 years. I’m going to see if any church records exist for Borgholzhausen to see if their children were born/baptized there.

Wish me luck!

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