Death of Etna L. Davis

18 Mar

A letter written to my great-great-great grandparents, Rev. Andrew Nathaniel Jackson Davis and Sarah Greene O’Bryan Davis on the occasion of the death of their daughter.

Proctor, Indian Territory

April 29, 1896

Dear Mother, Father, and Family

It is with sorrow that I write to you stating to you that we have had some very grievous trouble.

You wanted to know when Etna would come to see you. I am sorry to tell you that you will have to go see her.

Etna has passed from this Vale of Tears and has gone to her place of rest. While it seems hard to give her up, there is one consolation, she was ready to go and this is the greatest and most important part in our existance [sic]. And soon in the Bye and Bye we will meet her in the New Jerusalem there to part no more and then and there our sorrows will be over, where the weary are at rest and the trouble[d] cease to mourn. When you read this and think of Etna, do not look toward the Creek Nation, but look toward Heaven, where she is at the present time. She is there singing the songs of the redeemed.

She was puny for some time but not confined to her bed all the time.

She was sick 5 or 6 days and seemed to be a great deal better, but last night at about 10 o’clock she took the cramp colic and that eased about 11 o’clock. About one o’clock she got very sick and at 3 o’clock she passed away.

The doctor says it was inflammation of the bowels — She died perfectly easy and had her presence of mind until the last.

We would have sent a telegram but did not think you could get here. Etna will be buried at Choat[e]s Prairie graveyard tomorrow A.M.

Bro. York will preach the funeral. The rest are all well as far as I know.

I will close for this time.

Your loving son,

T. J. Davis

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