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USS Belknap ( DD251 / AV8 / APD34 )

(Edit 12/16/2015) — I have created a new weblog specifically for discussion of the USS Belknap. Please visit! I have posted an updated crew list with the names of 176 men who served aboard the Belknap.


My grandfather, Lewis Swart, served aboard the U.S.S. Belknap during WWII, and achieved the rank of Chief Petty Officer.

W.C. Stuart and L.L. Swart

In the last few weeks, I’ve been corresponding with descendants of other gallant sailors who were aboard this vessel. We’ve discovered some fascinating stories and uncovered a few mysteries!

I’m looking for other shipmates who served with my grandfather or their descendants. Please contact me if you are connected to the Belknap!

The ship served as an escort vessel in the Atlantic during the early years of the war, but was involved in the liberation of the Philippines in 1944 & 1945.

While in the Lingayen Gulf in January 1945, she was struck by a Japanese kamikaze, which exploded on the deck of the ship.

Thirty-eight men died and 49 were wounded.

U.S.S. Belknap

Also aboard the Belknap were the “frogmen” of Underwater Demolitions Team 9 (UDT-9). Several of these men were also killed.

I have been compiling a list of the crew, and I would like to make it as complete as possible. Please help if you can! I’m also seeking stories, photographs, and other documents.

Crewmen  of the U.S.S. Belknap (names found to date.)

LAS= Lost at Sea.   MIA= Missing in Action.

Alfonso John Fransisco SC 2c. 5515374 MIA
Bessom Edward F. SOM 2c. 2037384 Killed1/12/45
Constantine Alfred F. F 3c 8989796 LAS Killed 1/12/45
Cook Lewis D. Sea 1c. 8944544 MIA
Dossett Luther D. WT 1c 6343372 Killed1/12/45
Grauer Carl
Hoffman Kenneth L. MM 2c 3378325 LAS
Johnson Benny Wounded
Kimble Edward Wilson Sea 1c. 9274705 KIA 1/12/45
Kingsley James E. LTJG 227761 LAS
Mattes John J. EM 1c 7075794
Moon Harvey R. WT 2c 2691321 LAS
Oliver William G. WT 3c
Parker Robert M. Y 3c 2023341 LAS KIA 1/12/45
Pelletier Raymond G.A.
Pietrowski John S. GM 3c 6084926 LAS
Ponder Roy R. WT 3c 6043384 LAS
Rodriguez James L. MOMM 2c 5556107 LAS
Shumaker Richard A. Sea 2c 7236732 LAS
Skeen Charles A. F 2c 8898416 Killed1/12/45
Snow Francis C. F 1c 2091912 LAS
Swart Lewis Lester CPO wound 1/12/45
Sweeth William J. Sea 2c 8102894 LAS
Trainor James J. GM 2c 6467382 LAS
Volters Charles A. F 1c 2247120 MIA
Warren Cedric T. Std 2c 8151246 LAS
Weider Frank P. F 1c 7624575 LAS Bur @ Sea.
Whitney George Seaman 2c.
Wilmoth Reubin M. Sea 2c 6597464 LAS
Withers William StM 1c 9068093 Died 1/12/45
Woitowicz Theodore F 1c 8118291 LAS

Members of UDT-9 aboard the U.S.S. Belknap during the fall of 1944 and January 1945.

Castillo Guadalupe Sea 1c. 9425018 LAS
Dickson Hiram B. Ensign Still Living
Gamache Wilfred Dolar CCM 8031577 LAS Killed1/12/45
Hopkins Robert Lee CM 3c 8872391 LAS
Lewis William R. SM 3c 8768328 LAS
Malfeo Marvin Antonio Ensign 0-332004 Killed1/12/45
Rossart Joseph William MM 2c 8906175 MIA Killed1/12/45
Scoggins F. P. SK 1c 8473300 MIA
Sugden William Lloyd GM 3c 8709316 LAS

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