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William Lewis Baker Estate Records, 1914

[I will switch gears a little bit. This record is for my great-great-great grandfather, Wm. L. Baker, who died in 1914 on January 31st near Rocky, Washita County, Oklahoma. He left a widow, Nancy Rebecca Arminta Hollis Baker. He had been married once before to Martha Ashby, who died in the 1890s in the Choctaw Nation. He and Nancy are buried in the Elm Flat Cemetery east of Rocky, Oklahoma.]

State of Oklahoma,

Washita County

In the Matter of the Estate of William L. Baker Deceased.

Comes Now William E. Clanahan and shows to the Courts that William L. Baker departed this life at Rocky, Okla on or about the 31st day of January 1914, that said decedent at the time of his death was a resident of Washita County, State of Oklahoma; that said decedent left estate in the County of Washita, State of Oklahoma, the general charater and probable value of which is hereinafter stated; that said decedent left a Will bearing date of about the 18th day of Dec. 1913 which petitioner alleges to be the last Will and Testament of said deceased, and which is herewith presented for probate; that William E. Clanahan the person named in said Will as executor to as as such.

That William E. Clanahan for whom letter testamentary are prayed herein is a resident of Washita County, State of Okla his post office address being Rocky, Okla.

That the names, ages and residence of the heirs and devisees of decedent so far as known to petitioner are as follows:

Nancy R. A. Baker, widow, 50, Rocky, Okla.

Mollie I. Scott, 30, Ft. Cobb, Okla.

Fanny M. Robinson, 28, Rocky, Okla.

William F. Baker, 26, Rocky, Okla.

Sally Miller, 24, Chickasha, Okla.

Charley W. Baker, 22, Rocky, Okla.

Laura C. Davis, 20, Rocky, Okla.

Lenora Baker, 8, Rocky, Okla.

The general character and probably value of said estate is as follows:

E 1/2 of Section Sixteen (16) in Township Eight (8) North of Range Seventeen (17) W.I.M., consisting of a lease from the Commissioners of the Land Office of Oklahoma; personal property of the probably value of $600.00, all the probable value of $4000.00.

[Signed] William E. Clanahan

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Dennis G. O’Bryan Estate Records, 1843

Warren County

State of North Carolina


An inventory and account of Sale of the property of Dennis G. O’Bryan, deceased. Sold by Solomon G. O’Bryan Executor upon a credit of twelve months, for small sums of five dollars and upwards; all under five dollars, Cash. Excepting the land which was sold upon a credit of two years. 21 Decr. 1843.

  • 665 7/8 acres of land @ $2.91 – sold to A. H. Davis – $1908.60
  • Henderson – sold to Dr. Ward – $540.00
  • Abner – sold to Dr. O’Brein – $375.00
  • Bernard – sold to Dr. Peter Hawkins – $501.00
  • Charles – sold to Louis Bobbitt – $370.00
  • Peggy – Dr. O’Brein – $64.00

Property not sold:

25 Negro slaves – one of which is in Tennessee & from the last information is alive & well.

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Analysis of the Green Estates

The Probate for Solomon Green, patriarch of the family, was carried out in 1834. A total of 49 slaves were mentioned and given to his heirs:

To Charles P. Green: Collin, Jacob, John, Matilda & John Henry, Maria, Jincy, Sally

To widow Fanny Green: Isham, Austin, Joe, Marina, Polly & child Eliza Ann, Margarett

To Fanny Green, Jr.: Willis, Jessee, Willie, Myranda & Edward, Betty, Lucy, and Dicey

To Nathaniel T. Green: William, Charly, Tom, Tabby & Lewis, Sary, Billy, Aggy, Laron

To Thomas Jefferson Green: Thomas, Peter, Solomon, Betty & child Joan, Hagar, Julia, Sylva

To Porthenia C.: Gilford, Tomson, Antony, Caroline & Jackson, Emma, Charly Sr., Judy, Isaac.

Porthenia Green is the next to die. Her Estate was settled in 1836 or 1837. Several slaves are mentioned in her records.

To Fanny, Sr. [widow of Sol. Green] – Sampson, Caroline and child Augustus [I’m thinking that Sampson might have been ‘Tomson’ in the 1834 record.]

To Charles P. – Guilford, Charles, Jackson [All three were mentioned in her father’s probate in 1834. Jackson is the son of Caroline (and I’m thinking Sampson)].

To Fanny Jr. – Anthony, Emma, old Judy, Isaac [All given to her in 1834.]


Charles P. Green then dies. His estate is settled in 1845. At that time, two slaves are sold:

“Negro Anthony – a likely young mulatto fellow about 20 years old.

Jacob: likely young – about 22 yrs of age.”

[No other names mentioned. Jacob was likely given to him in 1834 at the death of his father. Anthony is likely to have come from his sister, Fanny Jr., who received him at Porthenia’s death in 1837. Does this mean Fanny Junior is deceased by this time?]



Fanny Green Sr. dies sometime before 1853. She sells five slaves that are mentioned by name:

To T. J. Green: Austin (44, born about 1809) and Marina (54, born about 1799) [First mentioned in the 1834 Probate of Solomon Green.]

To H. Hawkins: Gilbert (16, born about 1837)

To W. A. Quincy: Nancy (10, born about 1843)

To Miss Fanny Green: George (3, born about 1850)

In looking at Fanny Green in the Censuses of 1830, 1840, and 1850, we can see just how many slaves she owned.

In 1830, she lists 38 slaves and 8 free white persons in her household. [Solomon died the year before.]

In 1840, she lists 20 slaves. Nine boys under 23 and two men ages 24 to 35. Five girls under the age of 23 and four women aged 24 to 35.

In 1850, she lists 17 slaves. In the Slave Schedule enumeration, the gender and approximate ages are listed. All are under the age of 40 except for a man aged 48 and a woman aged 60.

[Nathaniel T. Green Probate Records not taken into account. They are not located at this time.]


The only other probate that is found is that of Thomas Jefferson Green, who died in 1864. Estate wasn’t settled until 1866, one year after the end of slavery.

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Additional Inventory of Estate of Fanny Green, 1853

The following is an addition Inventory and account of sales of Negroes belonging to the Estate of Ganny Green, Dec’d: sold by me as Executor of said estate on Saturday the 21st day of May 1853 on a credit of Six months with interest from date.


Austin, 44 years old: sold to T. J. Green $1051.00

Marina 54 years old; sold to T. J. Green $400.00

Gilbert, 16 years old; sold to H. I. Hawkins $806.00

Nancy, 10 years old; sold to W. A. Quincy $638.00

George, 3 years old; sold to Miss F. Green $268.00


S. G. Ward, Exr of Fanny Green, decd.

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Account with the Estate of Fanny Green, 1853

[Widow of Solomon Green, Fanny nee Hawkins]

Warren County, North Carolina


May 9th – To amt. Sales of Perishable Property (Returned) $451.79

May 9th To amt. Hire of 4 Negroes … 2 mo. (returned) $38.79

May 21 To amt. Sale of Austin – negroe man (not returned) $1051.00

May 21 To amt. Sale woman Marina – (not returned) $400.00

May 21 To amt. Sale Boy Gilbert – not returned $806.00

May 21 To amt. Sale Girl Nancy – not returned $268.00

Sep 5th To amt. Sale man Joe – not returned $500.00

Sep 5th To amt. Sale Sand – not returned: both sold in Tenn: $400.00

Sep 5th To amt. Hire of Joe for 7 years 4 mo. and 21 days at

$75 per year – with Int. up to 5th May 1855. $775.53

Sep 5th To amt. Hire of Sandy for 4 years, 4 mo and 21 days at

$60 per year- with Int: up to 5th May 1855 in Tenn. $340.99


May 5 To Amt. of Int recvd on N. T. Green’s bonds up

to May 5th 1855 for purchase of negroes & other property $79.17

Sep 6 To Amt. recvd on T. J. Green’s bonds for purchases

of negroes up to Sep 6th 1854     $98.87

May 1 To Amt. recd on Miss Fanny Green’s bonds for

purchase of Negroes up to May 1st 1855    $93.07

To Amt. rec’d on Dr. Wm. J. Hawkins’ Bond for purchase

of negroes up to Jan 21st 1854   $32.24

” Wm. Bowden’s bond up to Sep 1st 1853   $ .36

” Wm. Nuckol’s bond up Nov 1st 1853         $ .48

Total $5974.47



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Division of Slaves of Solomon Green, 1836

State of North Carolina

Warren County

Know all men by these presents that we Charles P. Green, Nath’l Green, Flint J. Smith, & H. Woodworth are held and firmly to John H. Green in the Sum of five thousand dollars to which payment will and truly to be made we bind ourselves & each of us himself and each of our heirs, Executors, & administrators firmly by these presents

The conditions of the above obligations is uch that whereas the above bounden Charles P. Green —- hath this day received the following names slaves, valued at three thousand eight hundred & fifty dollars, that is to say, Collin, Jacob, John, Matilda & John Henry, Maria, Jincy & Sally.


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Solomon Green Estate Record, 1834

Fanny Green vs. John H. Green

Commissioners Report for years support


State of North Carolina

Warren County

In conformity with an order of the Court to us directed we now proceeded to allot and lay off to Mrs. Fanny Green widdow [sic] of the late Solomon Green the following articles as necessary for the Support of herself and family for the space of one year Viz —

Seventy five Barrels of corn, Eighteen hundred pounds of Bacon, Two hundred pounds lard, Two hundred and fifty pounds Brown Sugar, seventy five pounds coffee, Thirty pounds loaf sugar, four pounds pepper, two pounds spice, two pounds sugar; fifty bushels wheat, six cows and calves, two horses Viz Cate mare and Rooker horse, Ten ewes and lambs, Twenty hogs of the description of shoats, all the Geese in number, nine Turkeys, six Ducks, poultry Twenty Four hens, five Guinea chickens and one pea fowl, all the dried fruit (about one bushel) on hand, also all the preserves Viz. three small pots, with a little in each with the vessels containg them, two sacks of salt, two pots of butter on hand, one Barrel of Vinegar on hand, all the Soap on hand Viz. one hundred pounds, Two thousand pounds of blade fodder, three stacks of Top fodder, One Barrel of whiskey — a part of the foregoing articles were found on hand, belonging to the Estate of Solomon Green dec’d and to supply the deficiency we now assessed the Sum of Ninety Two dollars & seventy Two Cents to be paid to the said widdow by the Executor of Solomon Green, dec’d to enable her to furnish herself with the balance of the articles, whih we now allotted and not found on hand. All of what we ___der necessary and adequate for the support of the said widdow and her family for the space of one year, beginning from The Twenty fifth day of March 1830. We now in addition to the foregoing set apart for the use and benefit of said widdow one bed and is its necessary furniture one wheel and one pair of cards to which the widdow is by now entitled, the some having been found among the goods and chattels of the said Solomon Green, Dec’d. All of which is respectfully submitted

Given under our hands and seals this 21st day of November 1834



Mich. Collins

Rich Bullach

Pleasant Basket

D. Turner


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