An Inventory of the Property of Col. Philemon Hawkins, 1801

29 Mar

Much can be found about the Hawkins family of Warren County, North Carolina on the Internet and in books.

Philemon Hawkins and Delia Martin were my 8th Great Grandparents.

From Warren County Probate File:

An Inventory of the property of Col. Phil Hawkins Sen. Deceased.

Jack, freed by the Will.

Molly, Hannah, Peter, Roanoke, Dolly, Bob, Patt, Harry, Molly, Eve, John, Aaron, Billy, Amy, Betty, Silvy, David, Arthur, Patt, Mary, Rody, little Jack, Phillis, Betty, Frank, Phillis, Charles, Ailey, Hopewell, Ned, Betty, Moses, Kitty, Jane, Tad, Dilly, Gloster, Robin, Peter, Peter, Tuck, Billy, little Dale, Amy, George, Woodly, little Moses now in the possession of John Hawkins Sr., Nancy, Fanny, Matthew freed by the Will,

Nine beds

1 Carpet

8 black walnut chairs

6 Common Walnut Chairs
Some walnut folding tables
1 Pine Table
1 Desk
1 Cloathes Press
1 China Press
1 Black Walnut Cupboard
3 Chests
3 Toilets
2 Oil Cloths
2 Looking Glasses
3 Earthen Bowls
5 Plates Earthen
12 Pewter Spoons
2 Earthen Dishes
11 Saucers & 7 Cups
2 Dram Glasses
1 Decanter
1 Tumbler
2 Water Bottles
1 Milk Pot
1 Sugar Dish
6 Vials
2 Salt Cellars
1 Copper Coffee Pot
1 Marbel [sic] spin Mortar
2 Lantherns [sic]
1 Funnel
2 Candle Sticks
2 pair Candle Snuffers
A quantity of books
3 Table Cloths
1 Knife Box & 8 forks
5 Grown Horses
2 Colts
1 Horse in possession of Matthew
A quantity of cattle
A quantity of sows & pigs
3 stills
1 Set Blak [sic] Smiths Tools
1 Waggon [sic] & Geers [sic]
2 Horse Carts
2 Ox Carts
A quantity of Corn
A quantity of Top Fodder
A quantity of Blade Fodder
A quantity of Oats
A quantity of Wheat in the chaff
A quantity of Tobacco, some inspected & some refused & some not let down
3 Cart Boxes
2 Pair Steelyards
4 Hand Saws
A few Caroenters Tools
1 Branding Iron
1 set of Turning Tools
2 Iron Dogs
1 Crow Bare [sic]
5 Hand Saw files
2 Rasps
2 Cam__ Saws
1 Saw Rest
9 Chisels
2 Foot Adzes
1 Crose
3 Pair Fire Dogs
1 Hogshead Jointer
A quantity of Grub[b]ing Hoes
A quantity of Axes
A quantity of Weeding Hoes
A quantity of Hilling Hoes
1 Grind Stone
1 Frow [sic]
1 Butter Pot
1 Dirt Pan
A quantity of Pad Hames
1 pair Mill Stones
2 Lock Chains
1 Iron Kettle
1 Loomb [sic]
A few spinning Wheels
A few Cards
3 Pewter Dishes & 1 Bason [sic]
2 Tin Pans
1 Tin Bucket
1 Cullender [sic]
1 Coffee Mill
1 Bread ___
1 Gridiron
1 Flat Iron
1 Copper spice Mortar
1 Dutch Oven
Some tanned leather
Some raw Hides
A quantity of seed Cotton
Some barrels & Casks
2 pair Tongs
A quantity of Bacon
1 pair Harness & 4 Slays
A quantity of Pork
Some Peas
A set of shoemakers Tools
1 Cross Cut Saw in possession of Benj. Hawkins son of John
2 Whip Saws
2 sithes [sic] & Cradles
3 Reap Hooks
1 Crank
1 Saddle
2 Gun Barrels
Wairing [sic] Apparel
1 large sugar Box tin
2 Lug
1 Runlet
1 Desk
Hogs Larde [sic]
some money in the old Gentleman Desk. About $40 Dollars
1 Washing Tub
3 Beds and furniture
1 Desk
2 Pine Tables
3 Common Chairs
3 Chests
1 Dutch Oven
1 Spinning Wheel
1 Tea Kettle
1 Pair Tongs
1 Looking Glass
1 Side Saddle
1 Churn
Property Claimed by the Negroes —
1 Yoke of oxen in the hands of Joseph Hawkins, Sr.

The Negroes and other property of Sandy Creek.

James, Luce, Lonnen, Harry, Washington, Gabriel, Elender, old Joseph, Ritter, Tom, Lucy, Young Joseph, Phil, Ben, Amy, Milly, Frances, Penny, Anderson, Sandy

Dorcas, Sall, Rachael, & Lewis, now in the hands of Col. John Hawkins.


A quantity of Cattle
A quantity of Top Fodder
a quantity of blade Fodder
A quantity of Oats
A quantity of Corn
3 Beds & Furniture
1 Chest
1 Table
3 Sitting Chairs
1 Writing Desk
1 pair fire Tongs & shovel
2 Pewter Dishes
1 Pewter Bason & 1 plate
1 Butter Pot, supposed to belong to Col. B. Hawkins.
1 Iron Pot & Kettle
1 Water pail & Piggin
2 Tight Casks
4 Sithes & Cradles
2 Cutting knives
4 Iron Wedges
A quantity of axes
1 Drawing Knife
2 Augers
2 Chisels
1 Hand saw

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