New Information on Swarts in Germany

29 Mar

I posted a while back about the sisters of my great-great grandfather, Hinderikus Swart, who did not make the journey to America.

They both died at relatively young ages, though I have found that they did have children. I am hoping that they still have living descendants.

My hope is that someone might do an internet search for these names, and that we might be able to make a connection in this manner.


Catharina van Heeren Swart married Gerhard Heinrich George Meyer on 12 May 1867 in Borgholzhausen. She died there in 1878.

Child One: Gerhard Heinrich Meyer, born 15 July 1868. Died 17August 1868.

Child Two: Gerhard Meyer, born 21 June 1869. Lived only one day.

Child Three: William Heinrich Meyer, born 13 August 1870. This is the child that I am hoping lived to adulthood and has descendants.


Gepkea Greitjedina Froukelina Swart married Heinrich Friedrich Siegmann in Borgholzhausen. She died there in 1875.

Child One: Wilhelmina Margaretha Siegmann, born 12 January 1874 in Mark, Germany. She married Karl Friedrich Konrad Wiebke around 1896.

Wilhelmina and Karl had one daughter: Maria Wilhelmine Magdalene Wiebke, born 08 May 1898 in Bielefeld, Hanover, Germany. She married Gerhard Folkert Poppinga on 29 May 1936 in the same village.


I do not know anything more than this. Wish I could trace that Poppinga line to the present day!


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