Analysis of the Green Estates

30 Mar

The Probate for Solomon Green, patriarch of the family, was carried out in 1834. A total of 49 slaves were mentioned and given to his heirs:

To Charles P. Green: Collin, Jacob, John, Matilda & John Henry, Maria, Jincy, Sally

To widow Fanny Green: Isham, Austin, Joe, Marina, Polly & child Eliza Ann, Margarett

To Fanny Green, Jr.: Willis, Jessee, Willie, Myranda & Edward, Betty, Lucy, and Dicey

To Nathaniel T. Green: William, Charly, Tom, Tabby & Lewis, Sary, Billy, Aggy, Laron

To Thomas Jefferson Green: Thomas, Peter, Solomon, Betty & child Joan, Hagar, Julia, Sylva

To Porthenia C.: Gilford, Tomson, Antony, Caroline & Jackson, Emma, Charly Sr., Judy, Isaac.

Porthenia Green is the next to die. Her Estate was settled in 1836 or 1837. Several slaves are mentioned in her records.

To Fanny, Sr. [widow of Sol. Green] – Sampson, Caroline and child Augustus [I’m thinking that Sampson might have been ‘Tomson’ in the 1834 record.]

To Charles P. – Guilford, Charles, Jackson [All three were mentioned in her father’s probate in 1834. Jackson is the son of Caroline (and I’m thinking Sampson)].

To Fanny Jr. – Anthony, Emma, old Judy, Isaac [All given to her in 1834.]


Charles P. Green then dies. His estate is settled in 1845. At that time, two slaves are sold:

“Negro Anthony – a likely young mulatto fellow about 20 years old.

Jacob: likely young – about 22 yrs of age.”

[No other names mentioned. Jacob was likely given to him in 1834 at the death of his father. Anthony is likely to have come from his sister, Fanny Jr., who received him at Porthenia’s death in 1837. Does this mean Fanny Junior is deceased by this time?]



Fanny Green Sr. dies sometime before 1853. She sells five slaves that are mentioned by name:

To T. J. Green: Austin (44, born about 1809) and Marina (54, born about 1799) [First mentioned in the 1834 Probate of Solomon Green.]

To H. Hawkins: Gilbert (16, born about 1837)

To W. A. Quincy: Nancy (10, born about 1843)

To Miss Fanny Green: George (3, born about 1850)

In looking at Fanny Green in the Censuses of 1830, 1840, and 1850, we can see just how many slaves she owned.

In 1830, she lists 38 slaves and 8 free white persons in her household. [Solomon died the year before.]

In 1840, she lists 20 slaves. Nine boys under 23 and two men ages 24 to 35. Five girls under the age of 23 and four women aged 24 to 35.

In 1850, she lists 17 slaves. In the Slave Schedule enumeration, the gender and approximate ages are listed. All are under the age of 40 except for a man aged 48 and a woman aged 60.

[Nathaniel T. Green Probate Records not taken into account. They are not located at this time.]


The only other probate that is found is that of Thomas Jefferson Green, who died in 1864. Estate wasn’t settled until 1866, one year after the end of slavery.

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