Division of Slaves of John Hawkins Estate, 1805

30 Mar

North Carolina

Warren County

We the Subscribers having been duly appointed by the Court of the County aforesaid to divide the negroes of John Hawkins, Dec’d agreeable to His Will of said Deceased, Between his two sons John H. Hawkins & Micajah T. Hawkins. Have in Obedience of the same made the following division. Viz-

To John H. Hawkins the following negroes, George, Doll, John, Nelson, Sarah Bennett, Peter, Tom, Newborn Tom, Betty, Moses, George Senr., & Fortune.

To Micajah T. Hawkins the following negroes Mingo, Phillis, Gabriel, Charles, Kate, Dick, Fanny, Caroline, Will, Emanuel, Monday, & Kitterner. – and that the said John H. Hakwins pay unto the sd. Micajah T. Hawkins the sum of Fifteen pouns sixteen Shillings & eight pence it bring the difference adjudged in the value of sd. Negroes –

Given under our hands & Seals this 30th Dec. 1805.


M. Macon

B. Ward

Hugh Johnston

_ey Ransom

Atkins W. Simon

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