Solomon Green Estate Record, 1834

30 Mar

Fanny Green vs. John H. Green

Commissioners Report for years support


State of North Carolina

Warren County

In conformity with an order of the Court to us directed we now proceeded to allot and lay off to Mrs. Fanny Green widdow [sic] of the late Solomon Green the following articles as necessary for the Support of herself and family for the space of one year Viz —

Seventy five Barrels of corn, Eighteen hundred pounds of Bacon, Two hundred pounds lard, Two hundred and fifty pounds Brown Sugar, seventy five pounds coffee, Thirty pounds loaf sugar, four pounds pepper, two pounds spice, two pounds sugar; fifty bushels wheat, six cows and calves, two horses Viz Cate mare and Rooker horse, Ten ewes and lambs, Twenty hogs of the description of shoats, all the Geese in number, nine Turkeys, six Ducks, poultry Twenty Four hens, five Guinea chickens and one pea fowl, all the dried fruit (about one bushel) on hand, also all the preserves Viz. three small pots, with a little in each with the vessels containg them, two sacks of salt, two pots of butter on hand, one Barrel of Vinegar on hand, all the Soap on hand Viz. one hundred pounds, Two thousand pounds of blade fodder, three stacks of Top fodder, One Barrel of whiskey — a part of the foregoing articles were found on hand, belonging to the Estate of Solomon Green dec’d and to supply the deficiency we now assessed the Sum of Ninety Two dollars & seventy Two Cents to be paid to the said widdow by the Executor of Solomon Green, dec’d to enable her to furnish herself with the balance of the articles, whih we now allotted and not found on hand. All of what we ___der necessary and adequate for the support of the said widdow and her family for the space of one year, beginning from The Twenty fifth day of March 1830. We now in addition to the foregoing set apart for the use and benefit of said widdow one bed and is its necessary furniture one wheel and one pair of cards to which the widdow is by now entitled, the some having been found among the goods and chattels of the said Solomon Green, Dec’d. All of which is respectfully submitted

Given under our hands and seals this 21st day of November 1834



Mich. Collins

Rich Bullach

Pleasant Basket

D. Turner


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