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Trip to Riley, Kans.

It’s been a while since I have posted anything of note.

Thought I would share some photographs of a trip to Riley, Kansas, from last September. One of my dear cousins, Charlotte, lives in Riley, and is always willing to share photographs and documents with me.

We took the opportunity to visit some new cemeteries this trip, including one in Manhattan, and a couple much further northwest of there where some of the Swart aunts and uncles are buried.

Here’s a photograph of me standing at the grave of my great-great-great uncle, Wilhelm Hinderks Swart. He was the first Swart to emigrate from Germany in 1867.
Ian @ William Swart Grave

Swede Creek Cemetery, north of Riley, with Swede Creek Church visible in the background:

Swede Creek Cemetery

Photograph of the G.R. Nanninga Family. The wife is the sister of my great-great grandfather. Photograph from Cousin Charlotte:

G.R. Nanninga Family

Pages from the Nanninga Bible, which list the births of the children of G.R. & Hinriette Swart Nanninga:

Nanninga Bible - Births

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Davis portraits located!

I caught the “genealogy bug” early in life. I was 14 or 15 at the time. I credit my grandpa Swart, a fascinating story-teller, with part of this. His stories of the Swart family immigrating to America in the late 19th century were enough to whet my historical appetite. All these years later, that appetite is still not sated.

I was contacted this week by a 2nd cousin of my grandmother, LaWana. He lives in Beaumont, Texas. My grandmother’s grandfather, Robert Wallace Davis, was a sister to this cousin’s grandmother, Amanda Melvina Davis Thomason.

Robert Wallace married a woman named Lizzie Thomason, whose father was a double-cousin (and step-brother) to Amanda’s husband, Homer Thomason. A bit confusing, I know.

During my teenage years, I was given a set of xerox copies of some old family photographs as well as typed copies of obituaries and other memories of older family members. In no way was there a notation to suggest who might have owned the portraits that had been copied.

And I didn’t know the answer to that question until today!

This cousin in Texas owns the original portraits to the copies I have had all these years. I’ve been trying to locate them for the past fifteen years or so!

Here are the copies I have:

Andrew & Sarah Davis

Sarah Greene O'Bryan

A. N. Jackson Davis

How exciting to know that these portraits exist!

Turns out, this cousin (and his brother) have a large collection of other Davis photographs as well. The extremely weird part of it all? The 89 year-old brother lives three miles east of my house here in Tulsa! I can’t wait for the chance to visit him and see what stories he has to share. It’s been a good day.

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