John Thomason Estate (1776 – 1846)

20 May

About 15 years ago, my great-great aunt in California sent me several hand-written pages of family history.

The bulk of the information was concerning the Thomason family of Floyd, Hall, and Union Counties in Georgia.

This is the estate of my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather.

John Thomason is listed in the 1840 Census with six slaves. The sale of five is detailed in the information from my aunt.

“Estate of John [Y.J.] deceased.

Zimri Thomason, Harmon Thomas, Young thomason, Henry David Thomason, James Allen Thomason named on the Bond with ams of John Thomason deceased dated 2nd day of November 1841.

Twenty five hundred dollars Zimri and Harmon named administrators. Zimri Thomason, Hiram Thomason, Young Thomason, H.D. Thomason and J.A. Thomason.

E.M. Johnson ordinary other heirs named James W. Barton, Gaston Humphries, Young H. Barton, Andrew Elliot, Willson Pierce (also written Prince).

One daughter probably married Davis Barton 1821

One daughter probably married an Elliot

One daughter probably married a Humphries

One daughter probably married a Pierce.

Or else these were his nephews if not grandchildren.

Land Deeded

Hall Co. Georgia John Thomason to Y.J. Thomason Lot No. 16 in 12th district Aug 21, 1830 in Book C. page 250.

An inventory and sale of the real estate of John Thomason, deceased, sold at the court house in Gainsville, (Hall County, Georgia) on Tursday, Oct. the 5th 1847.

1. Part of Lot of land No 8 containing 90 acres bought by James A. Thomason – $611.00.

2. Elisa, a negro woman and 2 children bought by David Barton at $66.00.

3. A negro boy, Bill Henry bought by Col. J.J. Griffin at $727.00

4. A negro boy, Jim bought by David Barton at $597.00

Total amount of household and farm machinery was $359.71 1/2”

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One response to “John Thomason Estate (1776 – 1846)

  1. T.S. Thomason

    June 21, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    Hey cousin. I’m also descended from John Poindexter Thomason. I’m from Harmon Thomason’s line. Did your great-great aunt know who John’s father was? I’ve been trying to figure out what country the Thomason’s came from. Thanks for this contribution!


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