O’Bryan Family History

21 May

My great-great-great grandmother was Sarah Greene O’Bryan Davis. Daughter of Geraldus McDonald O’Bryan and Etna Luvina Daniel. She was born in North Carolina, but the family moved to Floyd County, Georgia sometime in the 1830s.

The following transcription is from an old typescript.

“O’Bryan History as recorded by Flora M. Laseter, from letters written to Mrs. Amanda Thomason by various members of the family. Flora is the oldest daughter of Geraldus McDonald Davis, and oldest granddaughter of Nathanial [sic] Jackson Davis, to reach maturity. The first grandchild passed away when an infant and was the child of William Carrison Davis, oldest son of Rev. Andrew Nathaniel Jackson Davis.

Greene [Geraldus or Giraldus] McDonald O’Bryan of Rome, Georgia was the son of Denis O’Bryan of Warrenton, North Carolina. His brothers were: Irvin T. O’Bryan, youngest, and Solomon Greene O’Bryan, who died about 1869.

Julian Bertrand O’Bryan, Attorney at Law, Tishomingo, Okla. son of Irvin T. O’Bryan, said his father had two sisters, he thought Francis was the name of one. He also said he had no brother or sisters living in 1916.

William C. O’Bryan, McGregor, Texas, as of 1916 was the oldest son of Solomon Greene O’Bryan, an attorney also.

John C. O’Bryan, Tulia, Texas, as of 1916 was the son of Solomon Greene O’Bryan. He was an Editor and Lawyer. About the age of Julian Bertrand O’Bryan, son of Irvin T. O’Bryan and like a brother to Julian.

Greene [Geraldus] McDonald O’Bryan was marred to Etna Daniels [Etna Luvina Daniel, daughter of Josephus & Clarrisa Arrene Harris Daniel of Granville Co., NC.] She passed away April 21, 1890. According to a letter written by Mrs. Mollie O’Bryan Grace to Andrew Nathaniel Jackson Davis, husband of Sarah Green O’Bryan Davis, sister to Mollie and daughter of [Geraldus] McDonald O’Bryan – Mollie said her mother (the writer’s great-grandmother, suffered a paralytic stroke, lived only eleven hours after the attack, was not conscious of her suffereing, did not speak but once sentence, ‘I am gone.’ Mollie wrote this February 11, 1918. Mrs. Mollie O’Bryan Grace also wrote that she had a brother to die with measles during the Civil War, she stated she was so young that she did not know about it until she was older.

Mollie O'Bryan Grace


[More to come later.]

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