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Last Will & Testament of Dennis Geraldus O’Bryan, 1843

A cousin of mine recently sent information on my gggggg-grandfather, Dennis Geraldeus O’Bryan (O’Brien) who was born in 1786 in North Carolina and died in 1843 in Warren Co., North Carolina. He married Mary Polly Green (1791 – 1843). He was the son of Dennis O’Bryan (1757-1792) and Frances “Fannie” Poston (1760-1792.) Grandson of Geraldous O’Bryan (1740-1764) and Elizabeth Toole (?-1811).

“Abstracts of Wills, Warren County, North Carolina, 1779-1844”

#371- DENNIS GERALDUS O’BRYAN – 21 Oct 1843 – Nov Ct 1943 – WB 38/pg. 229

Daughter FRANCES INGLES SLEDGE – bed and dining table I have already loaned to her.

Granddaughter MARY GRENE WORTHAM – Negro Sabina.

My Negro Charles is to be sold and proceeds divided between my grandsons SOLOMON GREEN WORTHAM and THOMAS JEFFERSON WORTHAM.

Daughter COURTNEY INGLES BUTLER – bed and chest I have heretofore loaned her, also Negroes Mille (or Mildred), and Henry (or Harry), but they are for the benefit of my said daughter and her children.

Daughter AMANDA HARRIS – Negro Huldah and her child Gabriel, also Daniel (called Daniel Webster).

Dau ELIZA. ANN DAVIS – Negroes Louisa, Lucy and Gid.

Grandson DENNIS O’BRYAN (son of JOHN INGLES O’BRYAN, dec’d and now of Tennessee) – Negro Gabriel when he comes of age or marries, but if he dies underage, my executor is to sell this Negro and divide proceeds among my children.

Dau AMELIA – Negro Casandra and her children, Owen, Nancy and James Riley.

Dau MARY P. O’BRYAN – Negro Amey and her children Harrison and Josephine, also $150 to be paid to her when shie is twenty-one.

Son GERALDUS – trust with my executor, Negroes William & Joe.

Son IRVIN TOOLE O’BRYAN – Negroes Horace and Silvy.

Son SOLOMON GREEN O’BRYAN – Negroes Wilshire, Hinton, and Harry, and $100, and he is to see that Rose, Sarah and Harry are properly provided for.

My men Abner, Henderson, and Bernard are to be sold to pay my debts, and remaining proceeds divided among my childre S. G. O’BRYAN, G. McDONALDSON, O’BRYAN, IRVIN TOOLE O’BRYAN, AMELIA GREEN O’BRYAN, MARY PENSACOLA O’BRYAN, AMANDA HARRIS and COURTNEY BUTLER (by her trustee S. G. O’BRYAN, which said property I give him for the benefit of COURTNEY and her children).

My 616 acres of land, if properly surveyed will probably measure 700 acres. My executor is to sell this land, reserving the half-acre where my wife is buried and proceeds divided among my children S. G. O’BRYAN, GERALDUS McD. O’BRYAN, IRVIN TOOLE O’BRYAN, AMELIA G. O’BRYAN, MARY PENSACOLA O’BRYAN, AMANDA O’BRYAN (or AMANDA HARRIS), ELIZABETH ANN DAVIS, and COURTNEY BUTLER (in trust for her with my executor).

For as much as large congregations at funerals, as at other places, are calculated more for ostentation and show than benevolences toward God, my request is to be buried on the third day before a respectable audience and the funeral services performed by some respectable minister of any denomination, but a Presbyterian if convenient will be prepared to read the 23rd Psalm.




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