Clarissa Arrene Harris Daniel

06 May

Last night while googling some ancestors names, I discovered a photograph of my great great great great great grandmother. Appears to be a scan of a tintype from the 1860s. A VERY exciting find!!

However — I also realized this was the first time I had looked into the face of one of my slave-owning ancestors.


Below are two abstracts from Granville County, North Carolina deed books. The first mentions Clarrissa by name. Her husband, Josephus Daniel, often went by Cephas or Cephus. 

Daniel, Cephas to A. E. Henderson [for the benifit [sic] of his wife Arena Daniel & children]…”woman named Esther & her four children named Delia, William, Washington & Jane & their future increase…”(DIT-1840,pp.310-311, book 10)

Daniel Cephas to A. E. Henderson…”one Negro man named Jim..” (DIT-1841, pp.367-368, book 10)


I don’t find Josephus Daniel listed in the 1850 Slave Schedules for Granville County. He does, however, show up in the enumeration for 1860. Listed as his property are eight enslaved persons. They range in age from 40 to just 6 years old. Below is a screenshot of the 1860 Schedule.

1860 Slave Schedule

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